Elite Custom Homes is owned and operated by Gary Gomes, Jr. and LeRoy Goossen, Jr. The company was originally formed in 1984. Gary Gomes, Jr. is a 1984 graduate of California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo ; where he received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree, and successfully completed all California state tests and acquired his contractors License. LeRoy Goossen, Jr. is a 1985 graduate of California State University of Fresno, where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Construction Management, and obtained a contractor's license in 1983.


Gary Gomes, Jr. and LeRoy Goossen, Jr. were sophomores in high school where they met in a drafting class at Clovis High School. Their backgrounds fit into the natural division of labor they have worked out for their partnership. Gomes overseeing design and customer contact and Goossen handling construction coordination, inspections & follow up.

Elite Custom Homes is a full service designer / builder of over 350 custom homes since 1984. All design work is done in-house. We believe that the keys to buyer satisfaction are builder performance and it is our goal to provide the highest quality in all areas of the building process. For each client we design an individual program that includes:


  • Preliminary design & exact budgeting, at no cost to the homebuyer, with Gary Gomes, Jr.
  • Full construction drawings with structural engineering done by the staff of Elite.
  • Full interior design services by Artistic Interiors.
  • Personalized assistance in all stages of construction from obtaining the construction loan through move-in.







The interactive map below shows all of the homes our team has designed and built since 1984. over 350 and counting. The next one could be yours!





This map is for informational purposes only. Addresses and client names have been omitted for privacy. This data shall not be disseminated for any purposes without written consent. Please review our privacy policy and contact us with any concerns. 

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